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Powerful Windows Active Directory (AD) and LDAP integration with DNN and Evoq. Let your users seamlessly log-on (single sign-on) to DNN with their AD credentials and automatically sync their DNN profile and security group and role data - automating access to DNN portals and content from within AD.

AD-Pro Authentication v3.6

  • We license our modules by DNN instance. When you install a module, you can move your DNN site around when upgrading or migrating - and everything will continue working. We don't restrict you to a particular server. That means you don't require additional licenses for Production, Staging or Development environments - provided they are a copy of the original DNN installation.


    All our modules have an option to trial the module for 14 days without restriction. Simply 'purchase' the trial option for $0 on the DNN store install the module and register your trial license. After testing the module out, purchase a full license from the store, register your module to retrieve a license key, update the module and carry on. You won't lose any of your changes or configuration settings.

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