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AD-Pro - Professional Active Directory for DNN & Evoq

The AD-Pro suite of modules contains the complete set of tools for your Active Directory integration needs. Your DNN & Evoq users will be able to log-in seamlessly with their Active Directory credentials, will only have access to the content authorized by their AD security groups and automatically have their DNN & Evoq user profiles and role membership synchronised on log-in. In addition, users can can manage their own Active Directory profile and password information - all from within your DNN or Evoq website. All AD-Pro modules are backed with professional support from Glanton through our help desk.

Fortune 500 companies, schools, universities and businesses worldwide to integrate, secure and make accessible their intranets, extranets and community portals. AD-Pro is the ideal module suite for DNN Platform and Evoq customers as it requires no changes to the core or web.config in DNN & Evoq and can be installed in minutes.

The US Department of Defence chose DNN Evoq to power their internet sites - and secures them with AD-Pro.

We don't often release our source code for obvious reasons, but for the US Department of Defence we have a special arrangement to provide source code which is reviewed and scanned for vulnerablities. If there are any flaws, we'll fix them.  The fact that the US DoD chose DNN is a great testament to the architecture and the security team at DNN Software Corp.

Purchase the complete bundle of Ad-Pro modules and save.



The AD-Pro Authentication module is a turn-key user management solution that easily integrates your content to your intranet user organisation. 

Users Directory v2


The AD-Pro Users Directory gives you the ability to view all your AD company user profiles straight from your DNN or Evoq company portal. 

Profile Updater


AD-Pro Profile Updater provides instant user profile integration into your active directory user profiles. Provide your users with the ability to maintain their user profile and password information through an easy to access custom DNN & Evoq portals. 

adpro_pr (1).jpg
Password Reset v2


The AD-Pro Password Reset module provides a comprehensive active directory password reset facility direct to your users through your DNN or Evoq portals. Never reset another password in active directory again by creating your very own self service password page.

Password Expiry v2

The AD-Pro Password Expiry is a simple module add-on that allows your DNN or Evoq installation to integrate directly with your Active Directory configuration and proactively manage your user password maintenance. 



With AD-Pro Sync, you gain the power to provision and maintain your existing Microsoft Active Directory user base direct to DNN or Evoq. Utilising a simple LDAP connection to add, delete and update your DNN or Evoq user base. 

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