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With 'AD Pro Synchronization', you gain the power to provision and maintain your existing Microsoft Active Directory user base direct to DNN.

Utilizing a simple LDAP connection to add, delete and update your DNN user base. Remove user directory duplication and synchronize your own custom user properties and elected security groups from active directory. Simply set up and start synchronizing in just a few short, easy steps.

Core Features
Turn-key AD Synchronization


Utilizing the power of LDAP, simply specify the location of your directory provider and watch the users fly in! Elect the security groups you want to copy into DNN from an auto populated listing and specify the role group in which you want to store them. No configuration file changes or complicated setup.

Utilize Your Custom User Property Configuration


For any custom DNN user profile property you have enabled in your portal AD-Pro Synchronization will detect your settings and allow you to sync the corresponding value from Active Directory.

Safe and Secure


With the option to use SSL support and pass through passwords that dont require storage, your user information stays secure at all times.

Advanced Features
Schedule Profile Synchronization

Once your user base has been provisioned you can maintain your user directory in the one place and schedule your data to sync from the Active Directory source. Keep your entire user base constantly in sync by firing a task to run your pre-configured synchronization setup by triggering the auto-run mode via url paramater.

Support For Multiple Domains


By provisioning multiple LDAP paths you have the ability to support offsite domains. You can configure your DNN log-in to elect your network organisation and share your intranet portals across your organisations.

Compatible with
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14 Day Free Trial Version Available!

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Get a full feature trial of our software for 14 days to test out our features and be sure you needs are met. We promise you wont be disappointed! And when you purchase a new license, simple add your new license key - you don't lose any of your trial settings.

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