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Seamlessly Integrate your AD Users into your Intranet Site

The 'AD-Pro Authentication' module converts your DNN or Evoq website into a easily accessible, secure and simple to manage intranet, extranet or community site by integrating with your on premise Active Directory. 

Once your user has been securely authenticated with AD single sign on they can automatically registered, logged in, profiles updated and security role permissions mapped without any effort from the site administrator, reducing workload and making it really simple for users to access the content and tools they need, when they need it. And if your user is disabled in AD, they will automatically be denied access to your site.

Core Features

Instant Active Directory Integration



The AD-Pro Authentication module is a turn-key user management solution that easily integrates your content to your intranet user organisation. 

DNN Profile Synchronisation


Never have to duplicate and maintain your user profile information again. Get your users up and running on your DNN intranet portals instantly, by electing the user profiles you want to synchronise from your Active Directory repository.

Safe and Secure


With the option to use SSL support and pass through passwords that don't require storage, your user information stays secure at all times.

Multi-Portal Single Sign On

With Active Directory as your identity provider you gain the ability to provide single sign-on across all your child portals. This gives administrators the ability to enforce uniform enterprise authentication and/or authorization policies across the enterprise. It allows end-to-end user audit sessions to improve security reporting and auditing and save content administrators from having to understand and implement user role security in each of their child portals.

Support For Multiple Domains


By provisioning multiple LDAP paths you have the ability to support offsite domains. You can configure your DNN log-in to elect your network organisation and share your intranet portals across your organisations.

Auto Sign-in Authenticated Users


Once your users are logged into your domain they can get instant access to your DNN intranet portals. Skipping tedious duplicate log-in processes and getting them to the resources they need quicker.

Compatible with
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Tested against DNN9
V3 - A complete re-write:
  • Intranets on the internet. Open your Intranet to the Internet and allow auto sign-in for internal users whilst allowing manual sign-in for external users.

  • Future proof - completely re-written in C#, with a modern interface and optimised for performance.

  • More secure and easier to maintain - The new connection string manager secures your Active Directory connection strings from editors and allows sharing of the common connection across sites and modules

  • More flexibility - choose the format of usernames and share users across portals.

  • New Role Sync Manager. User friendly utility to map an AD group to one or more DNN roles, one AD group can have multiple corresponding DNN roles.

  • This is a new module - not an upgrade.

14 Day Free Trial Version Available!

Don't take our word for it, try before you buy!

Get a full feature trial of our software for 14 days to test out our features and be sure you needs are met. We promise you wont be disappointed! And when you purchase a new license, simple add your new license key - you don't lose any of your trial settings.

Select the 14 day FREE trial from the product options and add it to your cart.


Purchase the complete bundle of AD-Pro modules and save.

Authentication versus Synchronization
"AD-Pro Authentication" syncs each user on Login, "AD-Pro Sync" synchronizes everyone on schedule
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