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License Activation
Simple Licensing for Enterprise Environments

A license is for a DNN implementation - we don't restrict you to a particular server. That means your licence will remain valid as you deploy your DNN instance to Production, Staging and Development environments which makes it easy for you to maintain your site.

Activate Your License
Using the form to the right:

Step 1. Add your purchase Invoice ID that should have been sent to you when purchasing the product from the DNN Store.

Step 2. Add your install key from the module install. (Auto populated via the module link or just copy and paste it!)

Note: For those using a trial license, the process is the same, you will have access to all features but the license will expire after 14 days from purchase.

For all of our DNN modules we try to make registering and maintaining your licenses simple, with our automatic support registration system. For any queries regarding your license you can also request your existing keys via the tab on the right, or contact our support team for any further queries. 

  1. Request a License Key:

2. Retrieve your licenses

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