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The "Azure AD Connector" provider connects your internet hosted DNN or Evoq website to your Azure Active Directory or Office 365 subscription  

Azure AD is Microsoft's cloud based user management, security and identity federation platform in the cloud. In simple terms, it allows you to manage your users with Microsoft's central user directory service and allow them access to over 2,600 applications(including DNN) through single sign-on.  The AD-Pro Azure AD Authentication module for DNN and Evoq lets your users seamlessly and automatically login, register, sync editing permissions and update their user profiles whenever they login. You no longer need to worry about manually provisioning, updating or disabling user accounts whenever users join, move or leave.

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Open up DNN to the Benefits of Azure AD
  • Intranets on the internet. Open your Intranet to the Internet and allow auto sign-in from anywhere. No need to host your site on your network.

  • Office 365 IS Azure-AD. If you are using Office 365, you already have Azure-AD and connect your DNNsite to your subscription.

  • Single SIgn-On: Azure AD offers you one user identity to sign in to: 'on-premise Active Directory', Office 365, DNN, Salesforce, and more that 2700 other apps. Users don't have to manage multiple sets of usernames and passwords. They will use only one identity (one user name and one password) for all these apps.

  • More security: Turn on multi-factor authentication in Azure-AD for additional layers of security

  • Detailed reporting and Audit Trail: From Azure you have centralized view of your users access to DNN (and the all other apps). Directory admins can better determine where possible security risks may lie so that they can adequately plan to mitigate those risks (e.g. s multiple sign-in failures, sign ins from multiple geographies, sign ins from unknown sources and many more).

Key Features

Instant Active Directory Integration

Turn-key SIngle Sign On


With one simple module installation you can replace the default DNN log-in screen and have your users seamlessly login, register and update their profiles and permissions by connecting to your Active Directory though Microsoft Azure AD.

DNN Profile Synchronisation


Never have to duplicate and maintain your user profile information again. Get your users up and running on your DNN intranet portals instantly, by electing the user profiles you want to synchronise through Azure AD

Safe and Secure


All users, credentials and authentication is managed in Azure AD.. Once your user is securely authenticated on the Azure AD login page, an encrypted 'claim' is passed to DNN with their profile and permissions. No passwords are stored in DNN.

Advanced Features
Multi DNN portal (and 2600+ apps)

With Azure Ad as your identity provider you gain the ability to provide single sign-on across all your child portals. This gives administrators the ability to enforce uniform enterprise authentication and/or authorization policies across the enterprise. It allows end-to-end user audit sessions to improve security reporting and auditing and save content administrators from having to understand and implement user role security in each of their child portals.

Plus Azure AD allows you to connect to thousands of other applications.

Move your Intranet to the Internet


Azure AD authentication allows you to host your intranets on the internet using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or any web hosting providor and let your staff, employees or customers connect to your site from anywhere in the world.

Background Group and Role Sync


AD security groups are mapped to DNN security roles, automatically updating permissions each time a user logs in.

Compatible with
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8.0 +
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