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Keep your Intranet in Sync with AD-Pro for DNN

Single-signon is essential to provide a seamless authentication experience for intranet users - but it's not enough if you are running a community.

In most cases, all you need for your intranet is standard Active Directory Authentication to allow your AD users to seamlessly register, login and automatically updat their profiles and permissions in your intranet site. This allows users to access content and tools tailored for them - such as forms already populated with their Active Directory profile information.

But if a user has never logged in then their profile won't exist on the site - and this is a major problem if you are running a community as fellow users will not be able to contact them. This is especially relevant for DNN given the the powerful internal social and group capability that is built into the core. But a greater risk is that users who's profiles have changed in Active Directory, but have not logged in to refresh their profile or worse, have left the company, will still apear on your site with the legacy profile.

In these situations we need to regularly refesh user DNN profiles and permissions from Active Directory, on schedule, to the keep their profiles and permission current. This is the role of our   module.

The main difference between AD-Pro Authentication and  can be summarised as follows:

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